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With the present Personal Data Protection Rules INTERPRED-WORLD TRADE CENTER SOFIA AD undertakes to ensure an adequate level of data protection. The policy will be applied in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.


INTERPRED-WORLD TRADE CENTER SOFIA AD aims to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability and authenticity of data at each stage of data processing, in the interest of data subjects. Besides compliance with legal provisions related to personal data protection, it is also necessary to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to achieve this objective.  


Your personal data shall be processed solely for the purpose of executing the information for a service or work/ an activity, assigned/ required on Your part, such as drawing up a rental contract, contract for rent of halls, contract for rent of parking space, drawing up and sending offers for services, as well as sending required information about events/ news, advertising messages for services in the building of INTERPRED-WORLD TRADE CENTER SOFIA AD. 


INTERPRED-WORLD TRADE CENTER SOFIA AD is a personal data administrator. The company collects and processes personal data when drawing up offers, contracts, as well as sending requested advertising messages or event news.

•      Personal data processor, joint controllers


1.1  For certain activities INTERPRED-WORLD TRADE CENTER SOFIA AD processes personal data, providing by appropriate technical and organizational measures sufficient guarantees that data processing is carried out in conformity with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation and that the rights of personal data subjects are protected. 

1.2.  Processing of personal data by INTERPRED-WORLD TRADE CENTER SOFIA AD together with another controller is possible. Such processing shall be carried out after explicit agreement between INTERPRED-WORLD TRADE CENTER SOFIA AD and the other controller. 

1.3. Data subjects have to be informed about the data processors or the category of data processors to whom personal data shall be handed over. 



“Personal data” shall mean any information related to an identified natural person, or a natural person who can be identified (“data subject”);  “natural person who can be identified” is a person who can be identified directly or indirectly, more specifically through an identifier such as name, identification number, location data, online identifier, or by one or more features, specific for the physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of said natural person.  

“Special categories of personal data” are personal data which reveals racial or ethnical origin, political views, religious or philosophic beliefs, or membership in trade union organizations, as well as genetic data, biometric data solely for the purposes of identification of a natural person, data on the health status or the sexual life, or sexual orientation of a natural person.     

“Processing” shall mean any operation or an aggregate of operations, performed with personal data or with a set of personal data through automatic or other means such as collection, recording, organizing, structuring, storage, adaptation or change, drawing, extraction, usage, disclosing through handing over, dissemination, or in any other manner, in which data becomes accessible, arranging or combining, restriction, deletion or destruction of data.   


INTERPRED-WORLD TRADE CENTER SOFIA AD collects only personal data which is absolutely necessary for performance of the respective tasks. When no longer needed, the data is subject to deletion, unless the law requires it to be stored for a longer period of time.


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INTERPRED-WORLD TRADE CENTER SOFIA AD maintains supplier and customer data in connection with the execution and fulfillment of contracts with clients and suppliers. Data processing is carried out on the basis of the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU and the Act for Amendment and Supplement of the Personal Data Protection Act. We take care to ensure confidentiality, integrity, availability and sustainability of the systems and services related to data processing.



• Data transmission


•      INTERPRED-WORLD TRADE CENTER SOFIA AD shall transmit personal data only if there are legal grounds for that.   

•      Data transmission within the European Union shall be carried out freely. Transmitting personal data to third parties shall be permissible only on the basis of the law or with the consent of the data subject. 

•      When the personal data receiver is outside of the European Union or the European Economic Area, special measures to guarantee the rights and interests of the data subjects shall be necessary. No data transmission shall be carried out, if the level of data security in the third country, where the seat of the data receiver is located, is insufficient, or other appropriate guarantees are lacking. Such guarantees shall be contained, in particular, in the standard data protection provisions, agreed with the data receiver.

•      Information on personal data may be provided to law enforcement authorities (the prosecutor’s office, police, tax authorities etc.) only in writing, after coordination with the instructions of the competent legal advisor (attorney-at-law). In the event of filing a claim on the part of INTERPRED-WORLD TRADE CENTER SOFIA AD, information about the committed infringement may be provided also without coordination. Transmission of information by phone or email is not permitted, as these means of communication do not allow identification of the recipient. 

•      Video surveillance shall be carried out by a security company with which INTERPRED-WORLD TRADE CENTER SOFIA AD has signed a contract. The cameras do not record sound and do not have the option of remote viewing via the Internet.  


• Requesting  information about data subjects


•        Upon requesting information about the data subject, the provision of which data is a legal obligation of INTERPRED-WORLD TRADE CENTER SOFIA AD, the information shall be provided only after concurrence with the management of the company and upon a written request for information. 

•        INTERPRED-WORLD TRADE CENTER SOFIA AD may provide the requested information also when there is no legal obligation, but the company has a legitimate interest in the provision of the information. 

•        In all other cases when information about the data subject is requested, concurrence with the data subject shall be necessary.  



Personal data shall be stored in a way that permits the identification of the data subject for a time period not exceeding the purpose for which the data is collected, upon observance of the statutory deadlines.  

After expiry of the terms for storing personal data, it shall be deleted. In case of personal data processing on the basis of consent given by the data subject, upon withdrawal of this consent the data shall be deleted. 


•      The data subjects, particularly the employees, clients, contact persons for suppliers of goods and services, shall be entitled to accessing data, and more particularly, to receiving information about:

•        categories of personal data being processed; 

•        the purposes of such processing;

•        the recipients or the categories, in front of which personal data will be or has been disclosed;

•        if possible, the term for storing personal data or the criteria used to determine this term;

•        when the data subject has not provided his/ her data in person, who the source of the data.

•      The data subject has the right to request from NTERPRED-WORLD TRADE CENTER SOFIA AD to correct inaccurate personal data related to said subject.

•      The data subject has the right to request from INTERPRED-WORLD TRADE CENTER SOFIA AD to delete personal data related to said subject. INTERPRED-WORLD TRADE CENTER SOFIA AD shall delete data only if there are no legal grounds for the data processing. The resolution for deleting the data has to be made by the management body.

•      The data subject has the right to require INTERPRED-WORLD TRADE CENTER SOFIA AD to limit the processing of his/ her personal data if: 

•      Тhe accuracy of personal data is disputed by the data subject, for a period of time allowing the controller to check the accuracy of the data;

•      Тhe data processing is illegal, but the data subject does not wish the personal data to be deleted, but requires instead the use of the personal data to be limited; 

•      Тhe controller does not need the personal data anymore for the purposes of data processing, but the data subject requests the data to establish, exercise or defend for the establishment, exercising or defend claims; 

•      Тhe data subject has objected against data processing and is awaiting verification that the legal grounds of the controller have an advantage over the interests of the data subject.

•      The data subject has the right to receive personal data that concerns him/ her and which he/ she has provided to INTERPRED-WORLD TRADE CENTER SOFIA AD, in a structured, broadly used and machine-readable form. The data subject has the right to transfer the data to another controller.

•      In each case when the data is corrected, deleted, transferred, or the processing is restricted, INTERPRED-WORLD TRADE CENTER SOFIA AD shall inform the data subject thereof.  

•      Upon processing data requests, it shall necessary to establish in an indisputable way the identity of the data subject who has requested the data. For this purpose, if possible from an organizational point of view, the submission of ID card or another official document with a photo shall be required. No copies of ID cards shall be made. 

•      When personal data is processed on the grounds of granted consent, the data subject has the right to withdraw the granted consent, and in this case the data processing shall be suspended and the data shall be deleted, if no other legal grounds for processing of such data are available.  

•      Any inquiries in connection with data protection shall be documented.

•      All inquiries related to the rights of the data subjects shall be made in free form and reported to the managers. Actions on exercising of the pleaded right shall be taken after the managers have granted their permission.


If ou are not willing to receive any further messages from us, please confirm Your deletion from the data bases here:  



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UIC: 121053911,

represented by: Lora Vlahova

In case You would like any additional information is requested or You are willing to exercise any of Your rights, You may contact us on: 

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