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Office Space

Since the entire office space of INTERPRED − WTC SOFIA has been rented out, we have become driven to expand our commercial building portfolio and add two new locations to it in which to implement our time-tested service management standards. We would gladly present you with information on the office space available in the INTERPRED TSAR BORIS building and the INTERPRED BOYANA building.

We always make sure to offer you office space that complies with the needs of your business. We aim to maintain a comfortable and secure working environment in each office. By managing office maintenance services, we reduce the time you need to devote to these activities and assist the development of your main business operations.

Conference Centre

Our Conference Centre has ten halls, their capacity ranging from 8 to 275 seats. All halls are fitted with state-of-the-art digital equipment.

The clients of our Conference Centre have the privilege of being part of the INTERPRED community. The first commercial building in Bulgaria is a meeting point for people and organisations, aiding them in achieving their common professional and business development goals. 

Conference center advantages:

  • Fitted with its own state-of-the-art digital equipment;
  • Professionalism in our work with each client;
  • Additional equipment and event planning on request.

Rented Parking Space

INTERPRED − WTC Sofia JSC has approximately 400 parking spaces in both outdoor and indoor parking lots:

  • A two-level underground parking lot under the building with 150 parking spaces;
  • An outdoor parking lot next to the building with a capacity of 178 vehicles;
  • An underground parking lot in the vicinity of Joliot-Curie subway station with a capacity of 90 vehicles;
  • Renting options include a monthly parking fee or a fee based on the number of hours spent in the parking lot depending on how busy parking areas are.

Architectural Features

The building was constructed in the 1980s and designed by two architects, Prof. Vladimir Romenski and Ivan Yankov. The project was completed thanks to the joint efforts of most of the bigger Bulgarian construction companies, with the Spanish company Osisa serving as main contractor. Construction was finalised in 1986.

The building boasts 12 floors above ground floor and 3 underground levels. It is divided into two sections with a total floor area of 33,589 m2, including the underground levels. The area rented out stands at 17,600 m2, which includes 15,250 mof office space, a restaurant, a winery, a cafeteria complete with its own cafe bar and a rooftop bar (a total of 1,200 m2), as well as halls with a total area of 1,150 m2.

Parking areas with around-the-clock security and controlled access: an underground parking lot with 150 parking spaces (underground levels 2 and 3); an outdoor parking lot next to the building with a capacity of 178 vehicles; a two-level underground parking lot in the vicinity of Joliot-Curie subway station with a capacity of 90 vehicles.

Technical Parameters

Electrical system:
The electrical wiring system of the building is connected to two separate distribution substations and is able to switch automatically between the two, which ensures the continuity of its electricity supply. A diesel generator has been installed to power the fire extinction system, elevators and emergency lighting in the event of an emergency.
Both wings are fitted with distribution boards on each floor.
The building is equipped with a fire alarm system, firefighting valves, fire hydrants, as well as with a fire sprinkler system installed on underground levels 2 and 3 where the underground parking lot is located.

The building has 6 Thyssen elevators.

Heating and ventilation:
The building is connected to the Toplofikatsia Sofia heating network and has central air conditioning to ensure a supply of fresh air. In addition, a convection cooling system has been installed and operates only during warmer months. BMS is used to control air conditioning.
The underground parking lot is equipped with an automated ventilation system.
Stairwells are fitted with pressure relief vents which prevent high smoke concentration in the event of a fire.
Hot water comes from a boiler installation that forms part of the mixing and recirculation station.



  • Management
  • Technical maintenance and servicing
  • Marketing

General building rules

  • Administrative staff working hours: from 8:30 am to 5:15 pm
  • Access to the building: 24/7 
  • Deliveries: Monday to Friday 
  • Non-working days: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays


  • Energy rating of the building: A
  • Bicycle parking spots
  • Parking lot suitable for hybrid vehicles
  • Waste management: Collection and removal of waste meant for recycling

Safety procedures

Procedures related to the following are in place:

  • Bomb threats
  • Civil unrest
  • Fire safety drills
  • Evacuation 


Sofia 1040,
36, blvd. Dragan Tsankov

Administrative staff working hours: 
Monday - Friday
8:30 AM to 17:15 PM

Non-working days:
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

Property manager
Finances and Accounting
Genoveva Sabeva-Vukova
Antoaneta Lyubenova
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Sofia 1040, 36, blvd. Dragan Tsankov
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Sofia 1618, 159, Tsar Boris III blvd.
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Sofia, Manastirski Livadi - Iztok, 7, Spas Sokolov
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